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Asphalt 8: The Game’s New Racing Tracks to Try Out Now

Asphalt 8 Tracks


Among the nine installments of the Asphalt series, Asphalt 8: Airborne is genuinely one of the best versions of the game. With its immersive gameplay and impressive high definition graphics, you will surely want to play it on a bigger screen, which you can do here. Aside from that, new locations and race tracks were added to introduce new players. This means that players can practice new tricks and stunts in a new environment.

So, if you are not familiar with the new locations yet, don’t worry. We will give you an idea so you can get yourself familiarized. It’s always better to master the new race tracks so you can outrace your opponents!

New Race Tracks of Asphalt 8: Airborne

Want to know the new race tracks available in Asphalt 8: Airborne? Read on and get hyped up with these exciting tracks.

The Alps

The Alps is one of the new race tracks in Asphalt 8. It is located in Europe and is a mountain range that spans over 1,200 km. For this race track, there are two routes: the Reverse Route and the Regular Route.

Area 51

The next new race track is Area 51, which is one of America’s most popular locations. Its popularity has risen due to the many rumors regarding it being the place where the government stores classified information. In Asphalt 8, the race track enters and exits the research base

Asphalt 8 Barcelona



Then, we also have the Barcelona race track, which is based in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout the track, landmarks like the Sagrada Familia, W Barcelona Hotel, Plaza de Cataluña, Plaza de Sant Jaume, and Frank Gehry’s Golden Fish Sculpture can be seen.


Dubai is another race track which is located in the UAE. It also depicts Dubai’s real-life landmarks, which you will find throughout the race track.

Munich Subway

Then, we have the Munich Subway track located in Germany. It is presumably set in the U1 line of the subway. It is considered to be more difficult and condensed than the Tokyo race track.

Rio de Janeiro

Set in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is another impressive race track in Asphalt 8. It also has a different starting point from its reverse counterpart, just like Tenerife.

The Great Wall

Located in China, the Great Wall race track is a must-try for players who want to have a blast. The race runs through caves, a town, up the wall, and through a festival area.


The next new race track is Transylvania, which is the historical location where Dracula was born. The addition of this track may have been connected to Romania’s Great Union Day.


A historical Italian City, this race track does not have alternative routes. It is the second track after Shanghai to have spiral curves. In the summer of 2014, during the Fuel Events Update, Venice was given a temporary Modern Combat 5: Blackout theme in honor of the game’s release. Check out the game by downloading and playing it here for free!